Habbani Jews

"The princes from Yemen"


Haban, a city known Sultanate and Mahdia, past the crossroads and an important stop along the Spice Route. South-eastern town in Yemen where most Jews lived. In the last generation lived under the auspices of Nasr Ibn Sultan Ibn Abdullah Muhsin.

Haban community was the center of many Jewish communities around it. About 450 people in five main families: WRAP, Hillel, Mach, Mifi and Adani. All were goldsmiths who moved from place to place to provide Muslims weapons and jewelry.

Haban Jews, like Jews Vizcaya, lived in their district (Haft Alihod) was located at the foot of a mountain. The Jewish Quarter and the Muslim Quarter was the Sultan's palace. Jews lived in tall buildings aged two to five floors.


Two synagogues style Shami-Baladi involved were in place and also served as a law. There were several Torah scrolls adorned with beautiful silver grenades.

Image and way of life of Jews Haban were different from Jewish communities in Yemen: long-haired and wearing their sashes, and special Bmaclm their word, their habits in daily life, holidays and festivals. There were no priests and Levites them.

The water came from Lake Alc'rif filling with rainwater.

Of the state gave the keys to their homes, and authorities were preparing to immigrate to Israel, but only after the sudden death of a local ruler could leave Aden and off the plane Lod.

Most of them settled in Moshav Bareket.


Source: האגודה לטיפוח חברה ותרבות - מורשת יהודי תימן

Habbani Jews


Jewish Life in Habban: A Tentative Reconstruction


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